Создание сайта отзывы
Наши проекты заметили на международном конкурсе интернет-проектов «ЗВЕЗДЫ ТАТНЕТА 2007» — диплом в номинации «Масс-медиа», диплом в номинации «Корпоративные сайты»

А в 2008 и 2009 годах наш сайт признавался лучшим корпоративным сайтом.

В 2010 году портал «Не терпи!» занял 1-ое место в номинации «Общественные организации».

Reference from Emtec

The IT Avenue Company has worked out the internet-shop site www.get-music.ru.

In the course of working we didn't feel any difference in time, language barrier or several thousands of kilometers between us. The IT Avenue employees were always approachable, answered our questions and were competent in their sphere. Moreover, they were the ideologues and designers of the resource. So, for instance, due to the script-import they worked out, we do not have to enter the track parameters and to create demo-versions as well. All this can be done automatically after loading a file into the site.

If you visit the site itself, you will make sure that the client section of the resource is well-equipped functionally: listening to demo-versions directly on the site; personal rooms for the users where song orders and payments can be saved; extended search, faq section; the forum for exchanging opinions; popular album and track tops, etc. All this makes purchasing at most comfortable and pleasant.

We were satisfied very much with our cooperation, and are planning to apply to IT Avenue service time and again for innovations, so that the resource wouldn't lose its actuality.

December, 15
Emptec Director
Marcus E.